What Is Heavy Duty Towing?

When a fully loaded tractor trailer stalls out on the highway or crashes and rolls over, a heavy duty wrecker is the only way to move it. One of those workhorses can come to the rescue, load up the disabled rig and tow it to its next destination.

Tractors, trailers, garbage trucks, buses and large delivery trucks are all heavy duty vehicles. Large wreckers are the only vehicles equipped to safely lift, recover and tow the substantial weight of massive transport vehicles like loaded semis and big rigs.

High-quality towing doesn’t automatically mean a mind-boggling price tag. At Evergreen Towing, we’ll keep your costs low and our quality high.

Reliability Matters

It’s bad enough to be stranded on the highway with an economy car while awaiting a tow. Being stranded on the highway with an upside-down behemoth tractor trailer is a different story.

Getting a damaged and fully loaded semi up and running is not something that a regular tow truck can accomplish. Moreover, you can’t just leave a big rig upside down or on its side blocking traffic.

You need a heavy duty tow truck that can maneuver properly while carrying a substantial load.

At Evergreen Towing, we won’t leave you stranded. We’ve been towing injured big rigs for a long time now, and our mission is to tow many more.

Heavy Duty Towing Requires Heavy Duty Skills

Heavy duty towing isn’t something that just anyone can do. Getting a big rig out of a jam requires specialized training and state-of-the-art technology.

At Evergreen Towing, we take our work seriously. We built our business on word-of-mouth referrals from individuals, satisfied customers, mechanics, insurance companies, roadside assistance technicians and others.

Not all towing companies offer heavy duty towing services, and those that do are not always easy to find. Summoning a heavy duty tow truck often follows a traumatic experience. Usually, the big rig has been in an accident and is disabled on or off the roadway.

Large trucks, buses, tractors, trailers, and garbage trucks are all heavy duty vehicles. As such, they can only be transported by heavy duty tow trucks.

Towing a heavy duty vehicle is a dicey business. The wrong kind of tow truck can tear up your transmission and leave your bumpers severely damaged. Dolly tow trucks can sometimes handle the job if the distance to be traveled is relatively short.

Why Call Evergreen Towing?

At Evergreen Towing, we’re the local experts in big truck rescue operations, and we’re always here to help. Every call to our company deserves and receives high-priority treatment.

We can dispatch a tow truck to your location immediately.

Our customer satisfaction specialists keep tabs on you while you’re waiting for a heavy tow. We want to ensure that both you and the disabled vehicle are safe.

Upon arrival, the tow truck will pack up the rig and transport it to the intended location. At Evergreen Towing, we use every means possible to ensure that all big rig rescue operations are a success.

Whether you want disabled vehicle towing near me or heavy duty tow trucks near me, the Evergreen Towing team will deliver, and we promise you’ll be happy with the work.

Our heavy duty tow trucks are state-of-the-art vehicles that arrive fully stocked with everything our towing professionals need to rescue a heavy rig.

We’ll care for your heavy vehicle like it was our own. We are exceptionally careful with large vehicles while loading and unloading, and thanks to our heavy duty tow hooks, your rig will remain safely stationary throughout transport.

Alejandro j.
Alejandro J.
18:44 16 Jun 22
My wife's car engine went up in flames. Fire Department put it out, but she was stranded. Called Evergreen State Towing and they were very kind, quick, and reasonably affordable. The towing man got to use fast and was very easy to work with.
Ellie may c.
Ellie May C.
16:54 30 May 22
Had the pleasure this morning of Lloyd coming to the rescue to tow broken down car to dealership in outlying area this morning. (Sent through AAA.) Lloyd was prompt, professional, & definitely one of the nicest people we have ever met. Wow!! I would sincerely recommend Lloyd to anyone who needed a tow or any of the services that Evergreen State Towing provides. I would definitely choose this company again for services. Absolutely exceptional service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much.
09:13 20 May 22
Good people. Fair prices. We, as a truking company, recommend them.
Brad e.
Brad E.
18:40 07 May 22
Writing the review because Lloyd was fantastic. He was friendly, professional and took the upmost care when loading and unloading my vehicle. He’s a valuable guy to have out in the field face to face with clients. Thank you!
Heidi w.
Heidi W.
15:29 12 Apr 22
Very professional business. The drivers are top notch! Plus they are fast at getting out to you! Couldn't ask for more!
Harrison p.
Harrison P.
18:24 30 Mar 22
Chuck at Evergreen State Towing responded immediately to my lockout call, he quickly had a driver ( Will ) come out and help me unlock my truck! Will was very patient with me, and helped to work through getting the door unlocked and opened for me.Cannot stress how Fast, Friendly, and awesome these guys are!Way to go too everyone at Evergreen State Towing! You guys saved my day!THANK YOU!
Diana l.
Diana L.
03:30 26 Jan 22
Service was great, tower had a great sense of humor, quick and easy communication.
Kathy and william c.
Kathy and William C.
22:37 25 Jan 22
Andrew of Evergreen State Towing West towed a truck for me through AAA. The truck would not start and had a flat tire. Ice and location of the vehicle made it a difficult job, but Andrew took every precaution to make sure the flat tire and vehicle would not be damaged during the transport. I appreciated his patience, courtesy and concern for the vehicle.
Service dog working p.
Service Dog Working P.
15:41 01 Jan 22
Nice lady's very helpful. Yummy candy of course.
Karol t.
Karol T.
13:34 14 Dec 21
Evergreen went out of the way to make a bad situation not so terrible. All the ladies in the office were awesome and they got everything done super quickly.