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Marlon - great operator! Knowledgeable, determined & a true pro at his job. Evergreen - you guys are lucky to have this guy on your very capable team! Was in a tight spot through my really stupid choices and Marlon executed a recovery with minimal "stupid tax paid" - all thanks to Marlon. Dude needs a bonus or raise!
The tow truck driver was patient and gave me a ride to the shop. He even let me stop on the way to pick up a needed part for my car the shop had on hold. And he gave me a ride home from the shop so I didn’t have to take the bus. Thank you so much!
I got locked of my car while delivering food, it was after 10pm. after calling so many lock smiths and different towing company’s that didn’t answer but Evergreen did and came to the rescue! Within 35 mins and super friendly and cheaper than pop a lock!
The amazing tow truck driver Brian help me with my difficult tenant and got her car moved. He was very professional patience and kindness. Thank you Evergreen Towing and Bryan Rocks!!!
To start this off, I have AAA. I called AAA to get a lockout done on my truck (stupid me for leaving them IN the truck!). The first company was extremely rude and tried to blame AAA for EVERYTHING that was wrong. I called the 800 number for AAA, got connected with someone, and within 10 minutes, the agent was able to get Evergreen on the job. Not 5 minutes after that call, Dusty called with his ETA and asked about the situation. Extremely, I mean EXTREMELY accountable! He was on time and communicated that he was lost (to be fair, I was at my boyfriend's house, so the address was odd, he called to ask and was able to locate me and my truck. Hands down, the relief I felt when he was able to get my truck unlocked. 100/10. Thank you again, Dusty for your ACCOUNTABILITY and PROFESSIONALISM!
Levi did an amazing job with being careful about towing my vehicle. Very professional
Levi was so great with AAA towing!We were in a vulnerable location on the street when car broke down. Levi kept us safe and got our car towed to our automotive shop in a safe and timely manner!!! Thank you AAA and thank you, Levi!
I cannot thank Levi and the team at Evergreen State Towing enough for their exceptional service during a stressful situation. Levi was not only quick and professional but also showed genuine compassion towards my daughter, who was shaken after her recent accident. As a new driver, the experience was particularly overwhelming for her, but Levi's reassuring presence made a significant difference.Levi arrived within minutes of our call and efficiently handled the situation, dropping the damaged car in a tight spot with ease. His professionalism and understanding of the circumstances were truly commendable. It was comforting to have someone like Levi there to not only take care of the practicalities but also provide a sense of calm during a chaotic moment.I highly recommend Evergreen State Towing, especially if you are looking for prompt, reliable, and compassionate service. Levi's professionalism and kindness made a challenging situation much more manageable. Thank you once again to Levi and the entire team at Evergreen State Towing for their excellent service.
Ryan arrived in a very timely manner. He also took a look at our car to see if there was something he could do before it was taken to the dealership for repairs. Definitely recommend!
I was so satisfied with the tow truck driver Ryan he was so helpful and very kind
Ryan pulled grandson's car out of the ditch. He helped us determine if it was drivable for the three miles he needed to get home. Very professional and courteous.
Called AAA for a tow and Evergreen came out on time with text and call updates. Had the pleasure of meeting Ryan who listened to my problem and offered several suggestions to try and get me running again. After it was determined a tow was the only option left, he was fast and careful at getting my Honda secured and on its way to the destination. He was professional, friendly and punctual. Ryan is a hard worker and a no b-s Tow truck driver. He deserves an atta boy from his company in some form or another.
I had the absolute pleasure of having Moe as my service provider. He had my truck hooked up and in just a few minutes. Recommended a cheaper alternative to get the parts i need to fix it. Was extremely friendly and polite. I don’t think i would ever use a different service. 100% recommend Evergreen.
Locked ourselves out of our vehicle at the Spokane airport, Moe was able to get over there in short order and in no time had the door open and the vehicle started! Much appreciated! Excellent service and very timely!
I had a flat tire and it was pouring down rain. I called AAA and they called Evergreen State Towing. Wow was I surprised. they were there quickly and efficiently. Leaf was the driver and he did everything to take good card of me. He towed me at my request to a repair shop and was courteous, friendly and Got me taken care of quickly. It shocked my wife that I was home quickly after the whole ordeal. I would recommend Evergreen State Towing to everybody. Make sure you ask for Leaf as he was fabulous. Customer service was super and very friendly. Gerry Yates
Best customer service from Ryan! Had a questionable tire and he came with 20 minutes even though I had an estimated time of an hour. Very friendly, efficient, and professional.
I definitely recommend this towing company. They were quick and easy to get a hold of. I used AAA and they were the first to respond. Such a great company. Moe was able to get my car looked at and towed according. I wouldn't recommend any other company to help. Fast is to say the least. Recommend x 100. Thanks for being there for me when all the other places were an hr plus out.
great experience, moe was my driver and he was cooler than hell!
A relatives vehicle broke down late afternoon on a nasty snowy day. AAA was called but with people crashing all over the place ours was a low priority. Eventually Evergreen State Towing was dispatched to come to our rescue. Moe showed up to get us towed back home. He was awesome!!! Professional and efficient but more than that human. He cracked jokes, told stories and just generally took a crappy situation and made it better. Thank you Moe!
Thank you Dusty at EGS towing!!!! Super friendly service went beyond the average encounter and helped me out of a pickle. Call Dusty at egs towing. Awesome service
Moe was an absolutely amazing driver and totally saved the day after a full day of traveling and breaking down on the side of the road. We waited hours for AAA to get it together and Moe went out of his way to stay in constant contact with us despite how awful AAA is. He kept us informed and knew we had been sitting in the cold for hours, and he had his truck ready and warm as could be when he got to us in the middle of the night. He was funny, kept our spirits up in such a stressful situation, and truly made it feel like we were being rescued by a lifelong friend. He is your guy through and through I promise!
Moe was so awesome! This guy is a beast! Had to wait a bit but that was all on AAA. My Subaru legacy died on my to the airport from athol. Once he got there we got hooked up and went on our way drop it off at my shop. Late night but glad we made it. Best driver I’ve dealt with!
Ralph was the best and most helpful man I’ve ever met and he came in such a timely manner and got me home quickly. The 1 hour ride was beyond enjoyable with him as conversation was easy going and entertaining and fun. He not only towed me home but changed my tire too. He stopped for coffee and Taco Bell for me which I couldn’t be more thankful for. What a guy. Great company ❤️ I HOPE AAA gives me him again when I need towed🫶🏻
I was on my way to Oregon from my home in North Idaho when I experienced fuel pump issues at about the half-way point of my journey. I contacted triple A, and Evergreen State Towing came to the rescue. The operator of the tow truck, Moe, contacted me by phone to let me know he was on his way from Spokane, and would be at my location In about 2.5 hours because of the 85 mile drive and he needed to stop for fuel. He was true to his word, got my pickup loaded and we headed north back to Idaho. Through his knowledge of Spokane streets, we were able to dodge backed up rush hour traffic on the freeway and in Coeurd’Alene. Moe was cool with stopping in Sandpoint for an evening meal before completing the trip to CLark Fork. He was easy to talk to and we chatted away the whole 4 hour trip back to my home. I definitely would recommend Evergreen State Towing and Moe, and get triple AAA, save yourself some grief.
Brandon rescued our party of four, stranded on I90 on our way to see a show in Spokane, got us to the show on time and safely riding in the back seat of our car on the back of his big truck. He was amazing! Thank you for making my birthday wish come true.
I received great service from Ralph and his log bed truck...brand new! In addition to taking great care of our old 1995 Supper Toyota Previa he also took care of me as I was quite upset about the accident which was my fault. I hope AAA keeps using this service.oh....and he arrived in a very timely manner.....thank you Ralph.


Across The Towing Spectrum

Evergreen State Towing provides fast, reliable, 24 hour towing services to motorists in need all over Spokane County and surrounding areas. So, whether you need basic road side assistance or more complicated towing, we’re your guys!







WE ARE Hiring Drivers

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We Are Equipped To Help You

Light, Medium & Heavy-Duty towing service

Here at Evergreen State Towing we take pride in our personal appearance as well as the appearance of our trucks. Tow Drivers are dispatched & have experience in troubleshooting vehicle/truck issues.

Heavy Duty Towing

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Heavy Duty Towing: Evergreen State Towing specializes in heavy-duty towing services. With our expertise and specialized equipment, we are well-equipped to handle the towing needs of large commercial vehicles, including semi trucks, buses, and construction equipment.

Our team of experienced professionals understands the unique challenges involved in heavy-duty towing and ensures the safe and efficient transportation of these vehicles.

Whether it's a breakdown, accident, or any other situation requiring heavy-duty towing, Evergreen State Towing is the trusted choice for reliable and professional service.

Towing Near Me

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Vehicle Towing: Evergreen State Towing offers reliable and professional vehicle towing services. Whether it's a passenger car, SUV, or van, their team is equipped to handle the towing needs of various types of vehicles efficiently and safely.

Motorcycle towing

Motorcycle towing
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Motorcycle Towing: Evergreen State Towing provides specialized towing services for motorcycles. With their expertise and the necessary equipment, they ensure secure transportation of motorcycles, prioritizing their protection throughout the towing process.

Jump starts

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Jump Starts: If your vehicle's battery dies, Evergreen State Towing offers jump start services. Their skilled technicians will quickly and safely jump-start your vehicle, allowing you to get back on the road promptly.


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Winch-Outs: When a vehicle is stuck in a difficult situation such as mud, snow, or a ditch, Evergreen State Towing employs winch-out techniques. Their experienced team will carefully recover your vehicle, using powerful winching equipment to pull it out safely.

Flatbed towing

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Flatbed Towing: For vehicles that require extra care and protection during transport, Evergreen State Towing offers flatbed towing services. Utilizing specialized flatbed trucks, they securely load and transport your vehicle, safeguarding it from potential road hazards.

Turn Overs (Roll-overs)

Car flip over
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Turn Overs (Roll-Overs) and Car Flip Over: In the unfortunate event of a vehicle rollover or flip, Evergreen State Towing is well-equipped to handle the situation. Their trained professionals will work diligently to recover the vehicle, ensuring minimal damage and restoring it to an upright position.


Car crash
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Accidents and Car Crashes: In case of accidents or car crashes, Evergreen State Towing provides prompt and efficient towing services. Their team understands the sensitivity of such situations and handles them with professionalism, ensuring the safe removal and transportation of vehicles involved.

Tire changes

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Tire Changes: If you experience a flat tire, Evergreen State Towing offers tire change services. Their skilled technicians will swiftly replace your flat tire with a spare, allowing you to continue your journey without delay.


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Breakdowns: Should your vehicle experience a breakdown, Evergreen State Towing is ready to assist. Their knowledgeable team will carefully tow your vehicle to a designated location or a trusted repair facility, ensuring it receives the necessary attention.

Roadside Services

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Roadside Services: In addition to towing, Evergreen State Towing provides a range of roadside assistance services. This includes services such as AAA, fuel delivery, lockout assistance, and more, to help you with any unexpected situations that may arise while on the road.



Are you in Spokane and locked out of your car? Don’t worry. Evegreen Towing in Spokane offers fast and reliable lockout services to help get you back on the road ASAP.

Our experienced lockout professionals have the necessary tools to not only open most car doors, but also can re-key your locks if needed.

We offer competitive prices and prompt service so you don’t have to wait! Contact us today for all your car lockout needs!

Long Distance Towing

Our Spokane Towing service offers long distance towing for those in need of transportation for their vehicles over a significant distance.

Spokane Towing has the equipment and expertise to get your vehicle to its destination safely and efficiently. Trust us to handle your long distance towing needs.



About Us

Evergreen State Towing in Spokane Washington was opened in the summer of 2000 with only one truck and has been rapidly growing ever since. Evergreen’s fleet now consists of 20 tracks ranging from the Class A trucks to the larger Class C trucks. For almost two decades now Evergreen State Towing has been serving our community one tow at a time. In addition to standard towing, we are contracted with local law enforcement, numerous private property owners, and a AAA service provider.

Here at Evergreen State Towing, we take pride in our personal appearance as well as the appearance of our trucks. Whether you need a flatbed or emergency roadside assistance, we’ll make sure you’re taken care of quickly.


Competitive Rates, Top-Notch Service

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